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Project Management

The keys to a successful project are communication and data organization. The first, and one of the most important steps, is to develop a Detailed Scope of Services for a project. This is done in collaboration with the Client, and serves to initiate what we believe to be the most important step in assuring the success of any project - Communication. This second step necessarily occurs early, often, and continuously. The project Team, which includes key Client staff, develops a partnership approach to achieve the success of the project. The Client is included in design decisions on an on-going basis.

The third step, Coordination, is also critical to a project's success. We initiate an early coordination process; this enables us to establish potential conflicts and identify alternatives. This coordination effort signals the fourth step in the project development process, Community Involvement, which greatly enhances the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the design.

The second, third, and fourth steps are not stand-alone tasks, but rather are an ongoing work effort that continues through to the fifth step, Final Design. As a result of developing the project in this manner, our staff is able to capture the essential project elements in the construction plans.

As the client's advocate and representative, we deliver across a spectrum of expectations, including: