about us

We provide a complete range of design and strategic planning services.

Services include: transportation, environmental, structural, and civil engineering, site design, architecture, planning, and project management.

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Our team has been privileged to work on many important projects.

On each new project, we explore ways that engineering and architecture can bolster our client's missions and create funtional places that people love.

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We are fortunate to have a talented and dedicated staff assembled from across the nation and globe.

This diversity helps bring a unique perspective to our projects and clients.

As a quick introduction you may view our philosophy, history, people, and a message from our president.

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One of the important ways for us to serve our clients and live out our mission is by doing work in an excellent manner.

This has been exhibited over the life of the firm by being recognized by our peers for regional and local awards for excellence.

We have also been featured in numerous regional and local media publications.

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People say that you are known by the company you keep. We have built strong relationships with local municipalities, media and other firms in our industry.

We have included links with people we frequently collaborate with so that you may better understand who we are.

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